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At Fireside CFO & Bookkeeping we provide your holistic Bookkeeping needs. 

We can help with basic compliance bookkeeping to make sure you are ready for tax time. 

Or profit-minded bookkeeping, that helps you keep a real pulse on your business. Utilizing KPIs to make wise financial decisions. 

As well as every bookkeeping need in between.

We run a custom quote based on the needs and goals of your business

Service Offerings:

Core Bookkeeping

This is the heart of your business financials. You need to get this right to make all further decisions.

We work with you to learn how you will use the information for decison making and set up your financials to provide those insights.





Is your financial data behind?
Are you flying blind trying to make decisions for your business based on the financial data in your head or what's in your bank account?

Get your bookkeeping up to date and take that stress off you. Make financial decisions and be prepared for taxes with clean financials.

Outsourced CFO

Do you wish your finances were explained better
Do you want to know exactly where your business is at to make decisions?

Do you want to forecast for better data driven decisions?

As your trusted advisors we provide clean and thorough Financial reports based on your core bookkeeping. 

Other Services

Accounts PaYable & Recievables

  • Setting up Bills to be approved by internal controls

  • Creating Invoices to be sent out

  • Creating new processes to do A/P and A/R effectively for your company

Training and Internal PrOcesses

We provide training and processes to your staff on areas best kept internal: 

  • Invoicing

  • Bill Pay with  Internal Controls

We work to create internal controls to prevent fraud and embezzlement. 

CryptoCURRENCY Accounting

Have you entered the Crypto/DeFi world and need help with how to report the financial data?


We've got you covered. For the last five years we have been working with some key people in the Crypto world to make sure the accounting side is properly taken care of. 

We'd love to help you with your Crypto Accounting needs.

  • Blockchains

  • Crypto Incubator

  • Staking

  • NFT Distributers 

  • Managing Data of Wallets and transfers

  • Solo Investors

  • Security and Validators


Are you struggling with profitability?

Unable to afford the services you know your business needs?

We look at how you are pricing, the costs involved and create quantifiable changes to help improve profits in your business. We forecast how different price points can affect your long term profitability. 

Case Study: 

A new client came to us ready to close up shop, they were frustrated working for pennies. We looked at their financials and could tell they were not doing well. We discovered the root issues was their pricing was leaving little room to hire and buy the resources to deliver their product well. We created a strategy to increase their prices. They were nervous though and. concerned they would lose customers. We were able to show how much they could grow even if they did lose customers at the higher pricing.  The win, their business  profits grew, they provided a better product resulting in happier customers and they were less stressed.

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