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Meet Your Team

Judah Kosky

Managing Senior Partner

Xero-Certified Guru

Crypto Specialist

Judah loves to problem solve and see the big picture. He enjoys chatting with his clients about their businesses' financial health and is excited to provide ideas on how to improve.

Meetings with Judah are anything but boring. You'll often hear laughter from his office, and you leave with a better picture of your business's financial health.

I dare you to have a laugh with him.


Madisynne Kosky

Business Strategist

Madisynne understands everything that goes into running a business. She is tasked with running ours. This gives her unique insight into the pain points every business faces.


She loves taking your business idea and strategizing the best ways to make a profit, find your ideal client and have a business you love. You'll often find her masterminding at a bunch of whiteboards or enthusiastically meeting with clients about their new business plan. 

I dare you to pick her brain. 

Griffin Headshot.JPG

Sarah Griffin

Client Success Coordinator

Sarah is a talented communicator and enjoys meeting our client's needs to help them succeed. 

She specializes in understanding the big picture to execute projects well and provide clients with the exact information they need to successfully run their businesses.

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