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Dave's business is thriving and getting calls about his product. He is so busy answering calls and selling his product, he doesn't have time to sit down and figure out how much profit he is making. He wants to hire some help, but he can't figure out if he can afford it. The bottom line is that on the surface things are going great, but under the hood, the engine needs work and tuning; otherwise, he will never be able to make a financially sound decision. 


Dave meets with Fireside CFO & Bookkeeping to take on the task of optimizing his financials and allow him to focus on sales. Fireside Bookkeeping steps in and establishes sound financial documents allowing them to sit down with Dave to decide on a plan. Dave is able to clearly see he can hire a new employee, take some time off, and let the business somewhat run itself: The dream of every business owner. 

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