• Madisynne Kosky

How Automation both Helps and Hurts

The good, the bad and the ugly of automation. We have seen it all!

Automation is awesome. It takes care of the mundane tasks and allows us to focus on the important and creative tasks of our business and our lives.

Do you remember back before computers? Now before we get into the good ole' days conversation, there are a lot of great things to come with computers and the invention of the internet.

Now on the flip side, have you ever seen Eureka where a Smart House takes the owners hostage because it believes it knows best and almost ends up killing them? Or I, Robot, Is your robot programmed correctly? Hollywood gives us great examples of just how Robots or automation meant to make our lives easier can get out of control.

So how does this apply to you finances?

Well there are these great new programs such as Quickbooks Online and Xero. They have great tools to help automate your finances. Which means when used correctly you or your bookkeeper can focus more on analysis and strategy than plug and play with the numbers. That is a Win for automation.

The downside, when not used correctly you can have a disaster of a mess on your hands. Ever created a rule that mis-categorized transactions, got trigger happy with the transactions or thought you could trust the accounting platform to know your situation and record it accurately?

The above situations is why many clients come to us for help. It's important when using automation to understand the principles and how to apply it correctly.

Do you need help automatizing correctly your bookkeeping? As well as the best part of planning, strategizing and analyzing?

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